BONUS RETURN began on 1 May 2017 with partners from Sweden, Finland, Poland and Denmark and ends on 31 October 2020. The overall aim of BONUS RETURN was to improve the adaptation and adoption of agriculture and municipal wastewater ecotechnologies for capture and reuse of nutrients and carbon in the Baltic Sea Region.


Moderated by: Arno Rosemarin, Stockholm Environment Institute

13.00     Introduction

Karina Barquet, BONUS RETURN Project Coordinator, Stockholm Environment Institute

13.10     Review of ecotechnologies for circulating nutrients and carbon in the Baltic Sea Region

Biljana Macura, Stockholm Environment Institute

13.35     Sustainability analyses in three catchment areas

Erik Kärrman, Research Institutes of Sweden & Søren Marcus Pedersen, University of Copenhagen

14.00     Modelling efficiency of ecotechnologies in Vantaanjoki, Slupia and Fyris

Jari Koskiaho, Finnish Environment Institute & Tomasz Okruszko, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

14.25     Coffee break

14.35     Circular innovations in the Baltic Sea Region

Sten Stenbeck, Research Institutes of Sweden

15.00     Barriers and opportunities for closing the loop

Linn Jarnberg, Stockholm Environment Institute

Nelson Ekane, Stockholm Environment Institute

15.25     Success stories of circular ecotechnologies in the Baltic Sea     Region

Mark Rasmussen, Stockholm Environment Institute

Q&A with Case study leads:

Olle Olsson, Stockholm Environment Institute; Marek Giełczewski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Jari Koskiaho, Finnish Environment Institute.

15:45     Playing to learn

Steven Bachelder, SWEDESD, Uppsala University

16:05     Conclusions and recommendations

Karina Barquet, Stockholm Environment Institute

16:20     End