Within Bosnia and Herzegovina, jurisdiction on environmental issues is split between the two entities (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska); the district of Brčko, and the cantonal/municipal level. At the state level, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations has jurisdiction in environmental issues and coordinates international agreements.

The environmental policy, legislative framework and the implementation of various environmental policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an area that can be strengthened, and, for the nation to accede to the European Union, it will need to align its policies to EU regulation.

Over this four-month project the SEI team will work with the governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Swedish Embassy and other relevant stakeholders to undertake the following activities.

  1. in-depth assessment of policies
  2. map the institutional framework
  3. meet with relevant stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss priorities, needs and preferences

and produce a plan to support the Bosnia and Herzegovina government’s development of an environmental strategy.