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Scenic view of Mae Arb reservoir and mountains against sky, Thoen, Lampang, Thailand

SEI at World Water Week 2021

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SEI at World Water Week 2021

Take part in SEI-hosted online sessions at World Water Week from 23-27 August as we discuss water governance, sanitation, blue finance and sustainability.

Photo: Jackyenjoyphotography / Getty Images.

Brenda Ochola / Published on 19 July 2021

World Water Week is an annual event organized and hosted by Stockholm International Water Institute. The event brings together business, policy, science and civil society to discuss and learn about climate change, water and sustainability issues, as well as address pressing water-related challenges.

This year, SEI will host several sessions during the week with topics on sanitation, blue and green finance, visualization of water narratives and Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about each of the events below and participate in what promises to be an intense week of learning and networking under the theme “Building Resilience Faster”.

Evaluating gender and social equality in WASH

This session will present emerging findings from a large review of gender and social equality outcomes of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions. A panel session will lead to parallel discussions of the implications for better interventions and policies, evaluation practice and research, as well as a participatory validation of a theory of change. Read more below.

The Sanitation Gap in Climate Policy and Financing

This session explores how best to facilitate understanding of, and opportunities for, urban sanitation-related climate financing; and prepare and implement urban sanitation projects that maximize access through resilient, low-emission systems.

An avalanche of collaboration triggering maximum SDG6 and SDG13 synergies

To achieve effective Climate Change adaptation and mitigation in the water sector, systematic collaboration among aid agencies, NGOs, governments and local actors needs to become the new normal. Based on learnings from a recent publication, this interactive session focuses on the potential for maximum synergies between SDG6 and SDG13.

Riding the wave: Financing source-to-sea action

Applying a source-to-sea lens to identify priorities for development and investment through the source-to-sea continuum can contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability. However, current financing practices shy away from considering upstream-downstream impacts. This event will explore the rationales, challenges and opportunities for incorporating a source-to-sea perspective when assessing and funding projects.

Transformative Water Governance for Resilient and Fair Societies

This session will introduce conceptualization and application of transformative water governance principles and building blocks, on ongoing water governance research in Asia and Africa.

High Level Panel: Building Resilience from Source to Sea

In a world facing climate change, recurrent crises and pandemics, this session will bring together thought leaders, policymakers and practitioners representing various sectors from the freshwater and ocean communities to share their vision, reinforced by concrete experiences of how we can successfully adopt a source-to-sea approach when designing actions that tackle the climate-land-water-ocean-biodiversity Sustainable Development Goals.

Water stories: Visual narratives of urban flows

Human rights defenders, members of parliaments, practitioners, civil servants, urban planners, community leaders, researchers and members of intergovernmental organizations are invited to put their heads together and co-create a tangible tool to tell the story of urban water flows.

Water beyond boundaries: stories from Colombia and Southeast Asia

We will explore through narrative how resilience is built in the Campoalegre watershed, Colombia and the Songkhram watershed, northeast Thailand through the transfer of water and water-mediated resources in and out of the watershed boundary.

Navigating multiple crises. Between adaptation and mitigation

This seminar will explore how to best form water policies and investments to build resilience in the face of multiple and cascading crises. Which policy mechanisms, financial incentives and new innovations are required to foster synergy and avoid trade-offs between mitigation and adaptation?


All sessions are open to registered attendees of World Water Week and will be held virtually. Sign up on the World Water Week website.

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