Social equity and justice need to be a core part of policies and projects for nature-based solutions, or risk reinforcing existing inequalities and injustices. The governance and implementation of nature-based solutions must also account gender norms, power dynamics, and the historical marginalization and discrimination of different groups.

Issues around scale must be considered in the design of nature-based solutions to deliver measurable benefits for nature and society.

Finance needs to take account of equity and scalar challenges. Critical approaches to finance are needed for more effective implementation of nature-based solutions that doesn’t compromise on social and economic goals.

Better data is vital for assessing whether financial support is being targeted and used effectively. This includes a more transparent explanation by funders of how projects that are tagged as targeting biodiversity deliver benefits for ecosystems, and what outcomes might measure success.

SEI has launched a set of four briefs to provoke a more nuanced discussion of the benefits, and the risks and trade-offs, of nature-based solutions. Learn more below.