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SEI at World Water Week 2021

Take part in SEI-hosted online sessions at World Water Week from 23-27 August as we discuss water governance, sanitation, blue finance and sustainability.

Photo: Jackyenjoyphotography / Getty Images.

Date published
19 July 2021

World Water Week is an annual event organized and hosted by Stockholm International Water Institute. The event brings together business, policy, science and civil society to discuss and learn about climate change, water and sustainability issues, as well as address pressing water-related challenges.

This year, SEI will host several sessions during the week with topics on sanitation, blue and green finance, visualization of water narratives and Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about each of the events below and participate in what promises to be an intense week of learning and networking under the theme “Building Resilience Faster”.


All sessions are open to registered attendees of World Water Week and will be held virtually. Sign up on the World Water Week website.