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Research areas

SEI Oxford conducts innovative research and develops new tools, networks, and platforms to generate broader insights, and to steer policies and practices toward sustainability. The Centre’s expertise spans a wide variety of disciplines, among them:

  • Examining the transboundary and cascading risks posed by the planet’s changing climate
  • Assessing how to improve climate change adaptation-related decision-making and policy outcomes.
  • Analysing ways to enhance the effectiveness of climate services to lead to on-the-ground action.
  • Studying ways to strengthen and link institutions and to build the capacity needed to make communities more resilient to climate change.
  • Improving knowledge “brokering” to enhance communication and learning between disparate people who must work together to achieve behavioural change. We bring together climate scientists, practitioners, policymakers and stakeholders who are often overlooked in the decision-making processes that underpin public policies.
  • Bridging two distinct but disconnected communities – climate change adaptation and disaster risk resilience – to help break down information silos and speed up action and progress.

Transboundary climate risks

SEI Oxford's work is examining the global implications of transboundary climate risks. Researchers are conducting work to strengthen cooperation among a range of partners to meet the global challenge of adaptation to climate change.

Climate change adaptation and mitigation

SEI Oxford is the architect and host of weADAPT, an online collaborative knowledge-exchange platform and network for climate change adaptation research and practice.

Climate services to improve decision-making processes

SEI Oxford plays a key role in the burgeoning field of climate services: the co-production, tailoring, communication and interpretation of science-based climate information to support policy planning and decision-making. The work is aimed at increasing understanding about how co-design and co-production processes can improve decisions and policies to address climate change adaptation.

Improving knowledge exchange between climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) communities

SEI Oxford work has established a comprehensive coordination and knowledge exchange platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and consultation between CCA and DRR communities. We helped to create "Participate!", an online course to facilitate better events (online and in person) between these two groups.

Tackling a variety of adaptation issues

SEI Oxford is working collaborative on a number of projects examining other aspects of climate change adaptation.

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