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Air quality, climate and environmental change

Air Quality, Climate and Environmental Change combines consideration of both mitigation and adaptation to environmental threats, with a particular focus on scenario development, biogeochemical cycling, emissions and pollution monitoring and associated impacts on human health and adaptive response to environmental change across scales.

Blanket bog peatland in Yorkshire under threat from climate change. Photo: Andreas Heinemeyer/SEI

Climate and environmental change are two of the biggest global challenges, affecting food security, water provisioning and peoples’ livelihoods. In addition, air quality is of growing concern, affecting human health directly through air pollution in many cities and indirectly via impacts on crop production. Overall environmental degradation has reached an unprecedented level, affecting ecosystem services provisioning right across the globe. On top of human-induced climate change, agriculture as well as manufacturing and industries are some of the main causes of this degradation.

SEI York assesses these impacts at local, regional and national level in various areas across the globe. Researchers combine direct measurements with model tools to unravel the underpinning mechanisms and ecosystem responses as well as identifying solutions.

Wheat field under cloud-filled blue sky

Developing a new generation of process based crop models to better understand the mechanisms and impacts of multiple stresses.