Stockholm view from above in summer. stockholm+50 scientific and youth report, report, sustainable

Panoramic view of Stockholm. Photo: scanrail / iStock / Getty Images .

To be launched in May 2022, the report will present actions for leveraging transformative changes through repairing the relationship between humans and nature, how we invest, and how we share and use resources. It also outlines actions for overcoming barriers to change.

A companion report will focus on youth and present their own vision of a sustainable future, and what actions are needed to achieve it.

Both reports are being drafted by a team of researchers from SEI and CEEW, building on background papers from researchers across both institutes and beyond. An international advisory panel of 27 members supports the work.

What is Stockholm+50?

The meeting marks 50 years since the first UN conference on the human environment . High-level delegates and other participants will gather from many countries, representing government, civil society, business, academia and youth.