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Sustainable consumption and production

The sustainable consumption and production (SCP) group sits within the York centre of the Stockholm Environment Institute.

We work to link environmental, social and economic impacts of production to the consumption activities that drive them, to provide useful contextualized data and information for governments, policy makers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industry and the public.

Container ship in import/export and business logistics

Aerial view of container ship in sea. Photo: MAGNIFIER / Getty Images.

Our sustainable consumption and production team has a broad range of backgrounds and expertise, including geography, biology, ecology, mathematics and modelling.

Core components of our research are the development of methods to model and map supply chains, the development of indicators and metrics for quantifying and communicating associated impacts and risks, and developing systems-level understanding of the sustainability problem spaces related to food and other agricultural commodities.

We work across a range of exciting and diverse projects which complement and build on our holistic approach to understanding complex global systems.