Freshwater management challenges are increasingly common. Allocation of limited water resources between agricultural, municipal and environmental uses now requires the full integration of supply, demand, water quality and ecological considerations.

WEAP provides a unique framework for water assessment and planning and is used to represent current water conditions in a given area and to explore a wide range of demand and supply options for balancing environment and development.

WEAP is widely disseminated to water analysts throughout the world in both governmental and NGO settings. SEI conducts multiple WEAP training workshops around the world each year, focused on integrated water planning with WEAP as a conceptual framework and practical approach for organizing information and supporting decision-making.

WEAP is under continual development and is regularly updated updated to provide new capabilities, primarily in response to requests from the WEAP user community.

Visit the WEAP website for an interactive map of WEAP applications, a listing of WEAP-related publications (by SEI and non-SEI researchers), and extensive resources for users.

Download the WEAP brochure (PDF, 246kb)